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August 2018 -New Dennison Timber skellys available for early delivery.

One in red at 12.8 mtrs, on SAF drum brakes, alloys, to suit top seat crane.

One (colour can be specified) at 13.2 mtrs, on SAF large disc brakes, Knorr Bremse
calipers, alloys, to suit cabin crane.

For more information, please contact Dougie on 07801 298100


For Sale



March 2015 -New Timber Bolster System Available from JD Engineering

We can now offer the Haas Fahrzeugtechnik Gmbh Timber Bolster System.

For more information, please contact Dougie on 07801 298100


PDF Info Click for PDF info





12th March 2015 -Parts / Admin Person Required

We're recruiting a Parts / Admin Person at JD Engineering.

For more information, please contact Dougie on 07801 298100


JD Recruitment




February 27th 2015 - Back from DOLL Germany Today

JST bogie no 3 back from Doll Germany today, with new Scania R730 horse.




JST bogie no 3 back from Doll Germany today, with new Scania R730 horse.



February 2015 - Supplied by JD Engineering

The first of two new Dennison/Loglift 118ST, with Exte bolsters for Annandale Transport.



New Dennison / Loglift for Annandale Transport





February 2015 - Supplied by JD Engineering

Sean Duffy with his first load, after collecting the new unit & trailer last night, Scania 520 and Dennison with Loglift 120 Cabin Crane/Exte bolsters.






Sean Duffy New Scania and Trailer


December 2014 - JD Engineering : Agent For OP höglunds ab

JD Engineering can now offer an Aluminium subframe for timber carrying trucks, we are agents for OP höglunds ab, covering the UK & Ireland. Based in Saffle, Sweden, OP höglunds ab started in 1919 and have a long history of fabrication and design.

Many of the superstructures we have constructed over the years for our customers have become standard for us. Several of these standard solutions can be combined, thereby providing customers with the opportunity of a tailor-made construction that suits their individual requirements. OP höglunds ab Website


JD Engineering - OP Hoglunds




October 2014 -Supplied by JD Engineering

John Miller Limited's new Scania with hydraulics and Bigfoot, complete with Dennison, Loglift 118S and Exte D5 bolsters, leaving JD Engineering to start work.













August 2014 -Supplied by JD Engineering

John Miller Limited's new trailer leaving JD Engineering. Dennison with Loglift 118ST Crane and Exte D5 Bolsters with sliding profile.










June 2014 -Supplied by JD Engineering

WD & A Haley's new Dennison, with Loglift 96ST and Exte D5 bolsters leaving today.




June 2014



See Us at The Forestry Harvesting Demo

May 15th / 16th 2014 | Little Clyde, nr Elvanfoot, ML12 6RL

JD Engineering has a trade stand at The Forestry Harvesting Demo 2014. This is the forest industry's working event, featuring live working demonstrations from the leading manufacturers. Come and say hello! For more event information.





January 2014 -Supplied by JD Engineering

New Arocs leaving JD Engineering, with Dennison trailer, Exte D5
bolsters, Loglift 96S Crane, and Bigfoot CTI.


New Arocs leaving JD Engineering




October 2013 -Supplied by JD Engineering

New Loglift 120 ST fitted to SDC trailer, with cabin, and Exte bolsters.




New Loglift 120ST | SDC Trailer




August 2013 -JST Choose Bigfoot CTI

JST choose Bigfoot CTI on their latest in-forest vehicle.



JST Choose Bigfoot




June 2013 -McFadyens Specialist Haulage fit Bigfoot CTI

Charles McFadyen comments, the traction available with Bigfoot fitted stops all wheelspin and skipping on the loose surfaces we encounter while delivering wind turbine components.




JD Engineering - Bigfoot CTI


June 2013 -New Logllift Cranes Launched at Elmia Show in Sweden

New models have launched last week at the Elmia show in Sweden... Loglift F108S & F118S... More details to follow.


New Loglift Cranes Launched at Elmia - June 2013



June 2013 -John Miller Limited New Bigfoot Fitted DAF

John Miller Limited's New Daf 105-460 tractor unit will haul timber in south west Scotland. Fitted with fitted with a Bigfoot CTI System - Increases Tyre Life, Improves Driver Comfort, Reduces Road Maintenance Requirements & Costs. Provides Increased Traction.



New Bigfoot Fitted DAF for John Miller Limited




May 2013 -New Bigfoot CTI Fitted MAN & Dennison Trailer for Coille Haulage

Coille Haulage's new MAN & Dennison trailer fitted with Bigfoot CTI System - Increases Tyre Life, Improves Driver Comfort, Reduces Road Maintenance Requirements & Costs. Provides Increased Traction.





Jd Engineering - New MAN Coille Transport

JD Bigfoot CTI System


April 2013 -New Renault Timber Wagon & Drag for WD & A Haley Ltd

JD Engineering has just supplied a new wagon and drag for WD & A Haley Ltd, Timber Haulage of Beattock, with Loglift 96 and JD Engineering short wood body with ExTe bolsters.


Jd Engineering for WD &


March 2013 -Jaltest EBM Testing

Save time and money when repairing failures on EBS modulators. New Jaltest diagnostic equipment at JD Engineering.

For more information, please click here or contact 01387 750327


Jaltest EBM Testing


September 2012 -AdBlue

AdBlue is now available from JD Engineering.

For more information, please contact 01387 750327


AdBlue at JD Engineering Now Available


June 2012 -Our Lockerbie Workshop Is Now Fully Operational

Our new workshop is now operational at Lockerbie, conveniently located just off junction 17, M74 and with Lockerbie truck stop located just 5 mins from our site. This is an additional facility which will compliment our Dumfries site, offering the same range of services including VLT rolling road brake tester, Demag overhead crane, alloy welding, hydraulic hose manufacture and service vans, with one van fully equipped with welder / generator / compressor.

For more information & photographs, click to visit our JD Lockerbie Workshop page


JD Engineering New Lockerbie Workshop


January 2012 - Jaltest Diagnostic Equipment

We now have Jaltest Diagnostic Equipment for all makes, Trucks, Vans & Trailers






November 2011 - DOLL Trailers For Early Delivery

Early delivery available on DOLL trailers with Panther independent suspension. For more information contact Dougie on 07801 298100

Click below on the links below to download the trailer information sheet for each model showing photographs, specifications and dimensions for each trailer in Adobe PDF format (opens in new window

DOLL S3-L Info
P3H P3L-M P3L S3E-T S3L-0 S3L S3L(SE) S5E-T/24 S7E-S2 T2E-S3F/25 T3E-S3F/25

For further technical infomation please click on the link to the DOLL website








September 2011 - Bigfoot CTI System For Coille Haulage

Coille Timber Haulage, based in Lochgilphead, has just taken delivery of a new MAN TGX 6x4 rigid with Dennison trailer running on BPW axles. JD Engineering has supplied and fitted a Bigfoot CTI system to the drive axles and trailer axles. The Central Tyre Inflation System allows the driver to select tyre pressures, from an in cab control, suitable for the load and speed the vehicle is operating at. Benefits: increased traction, reduced vibration and shock loading, increased tyre life with enviromental benefits include reduced damage to road surfaces - especially when operating on forest roads. For more info contact JD Engineering, or click to visit the Bigfoot website.



JD Engineering - Bigfoot CTI


August 2011 - Alloy Welding Now Available

JD Engineering has recently purchased a new Fronius welder. We can now repair / weld any alloy products, including fuel or hydraulic oil tanks, please contact us for further information.





JD's new Fronius welder


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