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Authorised Testing FacilityAuthorised Testing Facility

Authorised Testing Facility

We are now an Authorised Testing Facility for Motor Vehicles, Trailers, ADR Testing, RPC & LEC Certificates, Passenger Vehicles. Our dedicated testing facility is conveniently located on the A709 Lockerbie to Dumfries road, near the Dumfries Bypass at Dargavel Stores, Lockerbie Road, Dumfries, DG1 3PG.

Please make sure, on presentation of vehicles / trailers for test...

  • Your vehicle is clean enough to examine, fully roadworthy and has sufficient fuel to carry out the test,
  • The VIN/chassis number is firmly attached and legible.
  • The driver and vehicle arrive punctually and follow the instructions of testing staf.
  • The vehicle does not emit substantial quantities of smoke.
  • Any door, tailgate, boot lid, fuel cap, floor coverings or other device capable of being opened or accessed is not locked or fixed in such a way that a thorough check cannot be carried out.
  • The vehicle or its contents is not in such a condition that any meaningful check would risk endangering anyone or damaging the vehicle or any other property.
  • In the interest of safety you do not bring any animals (including pets) or children under 16 years to the test station.
  • The use of mobile phones (including using them with a hands-free or Bluetooth attachment) is restricted on site.
  • Under no circumstances should you use a mobile phone when driving a vehicle or assisting with the inspection.
  • Maximum height 4900mm.

For more information or to book

Tel: 01387 750327- or email motbookings@jdescotland.co.uk

Dargavel Stores, Lockerbie Road, Dumfries, DG1 3PG.




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